The NCV consist of three consecutive qualification and NQF level 2,3 and 4. Each level is a full qualification and takes one academic year to complete when studying full time. The NCV qualification is offered in 18 different vocational programmes, each specializing in a particular field of study. Each NCV level is made up of 3 fundamental subject (English, Life Orientation and Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy), three compulsory vocational subjects and one optional subject that focuses on specialization in a particular occupation.

NATED programmes refer to the Report 191, N1 to N6, offerings that were developed foe what was previously known as technical colleges. A student who has achieved a N2 certificate in Engineering studies, and who has proof of 2 years work experience in same field as the subject on the N2 certificate, can apply to take a trade test to qualify as an artisan. The only other qualification that is achieved through the report 191 system is the National N-Diploma, which is currently issued by the DHET after successful completion of N6 plus 18 moths (2000) work experience for business studies and 2 years Engineering studies, in the same field as the subject on the N6 certificate.

Programmes offered at an FET college fall in the NQF level 2-4 band and the qualification is called a Certificate, whilst Higher Certificate, Diplomas and degrees offered at universities of Technology falls n NQF level 5 and above. Colleges may also offer skills programmes, short course, and learner and learnerships under the authority of SETAs and are also allowed to offer NQF level 5 and higher qualifications on behalf of an under the authority of Universities and Universities of Technology. Colleges may not offer programmes that are not registered under any of the quality councils.

You must be a South African citizen, enrolled or intending to enroll for the NCV or NATED programmes at Letaba FET college or any FET college in South Africa. In need of financial assistance. Able to demonstrate potential for academic success. Eligibility for a bursary is subject to successful application according to the bursary Guidelines.

Students who meet all the bursary conditions, eligibility criteria, qualify for the bursary, and cannot afford to pay a deposit fee, should be exempted from paying the deposit after negotiation with the campus Manager.