Admission Requirements
Grade 12 certificate in the field of study with an APS Score of 24
NCV Level 4 in the relevant field as per Admission policy of the College
the outcomes of this module will be able to identify and apply appropriate agricultural technologies and strategies for efficient agricultural production for sustainable food security at farm level and for the development of the local agricultural sector. The module will also promote the application of environmentally friendly agricultural production procedures for sustainable land use and conservation of agricultural resources for a viable, profitable and sustainable agricultural sector. The module will be useful to agricultural technicians and those who are responsible for mechanised agricultural operations which require precise measurements, use and maintenance of tools, plant and equipment in all aspects of agricultural production, harvesting, processing, preservation and storage, including those related to animal housing, soil protection and land utilisation practices.
Career Opportunities
Farming consultant
Farm manager
Agricultural consultant
A minimum of 18 months (semester course)